Simulated game shooting at its best

Welcome to the first and only mobile simulated game shooting Company, based in South Warwickshire, near Stratford upon avon at the beautiful location of Wolverton Grange.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to shoot a really big driven day? I have, but the thought of a 500 or 600 bird day, although fascinating, make me feel a little uncomfortable morally – let alone the hole it would put in my wallet as say £35.00 a bird. However, it can be done and with no conscience or need to re-mortgage the house.

It’s well known that game shooters dislike the usual clay shoot where they have to stand in a cage and demonstrate their shooting skills in full view of everyone and shoot at repetitive targets – the same place, at the same speed and the same angle time after time. “Shooting live game”, they argue “is not like that. It’s far more exciting and is a complete day – not just a couple of hours. A simulated event ticks all the right boxes. It offers a familiar format, standing at a peg and having the birds driven over you from all angles, speeds and heights – just like the real thing!


The days are held over the beautiful countryside of Shakespeare’s County, near Stratford upon Avon at Wolverton Grange estate. We cover over 700 acres of land and will bring all the equipment to you. Simulated game shooting with Shakespeare Country Shooting replicates every aspect of a well-organised game shooting day.

The day starts with a choice of breakfast, tea, or coffee, safety briefing and the drawing of peg numbers. There are five drives throughout the day, replicating different quarry, from high pheasant, partridge, duck, pigeon and even grouse. However simulated days are more suitable for experienced shots, but novices can be accommodated when accompanied by an instructor.

Simulated Game Shooting BASc coaches on site for tips and tuition!

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